About Us

Many questions surround the ‘process’ of grooming a young athlete to play the sport of basketball at the high school and college level. Parents find it difficult to get answers. At Seattle Pride we’re here to dispel any confusion and to make your child’s experience both enjoyable and productive. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns @ 206-941-9082 or email us at jasonvann32@yahoo.com

Making the Cut: High School Basketball

Training and AAU basketball at an early age is aimed at teaching the sport properly to young athletes. Guard skills are the focus, as it is unknown if even the tallest 4th grader will continue to outpace his peers in terms of height. Participation in AAU tournament play is aimed at allowing the athlete to test himself and what he has learned. In addition to maturing as a person and a player, the experience is expressly aimed at providing each athlete the opportunity to make his or her grade school, high school, or college team.

Seattle Pride

A West Seattle Developmental Basketball Team

The Seattle Pride is an elite level basketball organization which serves young men & women in the Seattle Area. The Seattle Pride consists of boys and girls teams aging from 10 to 17. Students athletes are selected from various schools in the West Seattle and surrounding Seattle areas, to practice regularly and to compete in numerous leagues and tournaments throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

The primary goal of the West Seattle Pride is to provide opportunities for students to play at a pre-collegiate level of competition with quality instruction. We have 2-3 practices per week where we focus 1 hour of EVERY practice in player development by individual skill training to assure the athletes who come into our program leave better off than when they came in. The staff at Seattle Pride also believes strongly in providing services for their student athletes that extend beyond the lines of the basketball court.